Prints & Photo-Books


Hey Gang,

No deep convo tonight—just a quick announcement that I have an online shop for selling my photo-books and prints.


I really just wanted to make things easier and have one place to offer all the art that I produce.

I print my books through but they charge a lot for shipping and I’d rather order books in bulk and get them out for a lower price.


So now I have an Etsy shop with my two books Kinda Blue & Deconstructed. I still have a few copies on hand for quick shipping.


The prints that are available are the submissions that were rejected from last year. I thought it would be funny to list them first.

I just spent the entire week organizing my catalog and I’ll be posting more prints to the site as time permits.

I love printing my photos and having a physical copy of my work. It gives me a sense of completion.

Eventually, my goal is to have my own store on this website. I have to work out all the details and in the meantime you can visit my Etsy store here.

Question of the day: Do you prefer Black & White or Color Prints?

Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

Thanks & Happy Shooting.


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