You’re An Artist For Life

Hey Gang,

I’ve been working my way through another bout of depression and have subsequently become the bottleneck of my own creative process. Regardless, I’ve been taking notes and thinking about what I would write once I finally sat down to write. Well here I am, it’s yo boy Tim. I’m once again, back from the edge of insanity—somehow fighting off the visceral Rorschach monsters of doubt, anxiety, and self loathing. Given the subject matter of my latest blog, it all makes sense. Just like we fight our own demons for life—we’ll come out as artists for life. 

Thought: “You Are An Artist For Life.”


Two of my favorite living photographers are both in their 90’s. Elliott Erwitt & Robert Frank—set the bar for generations of aspiring photographers. These dudes pursued their craft and continued to evolve for decades. I was deeply inspired recently by a video of Erwitt in a wheelchair with camera in hand—snapping photos. To me this is the ultimate testament of someone pursuing a craft all the way.


Richard Avedon Self Portrait

How about Richard Avedon? His photography career spanned more than 50 years. He died while on a magazine assignment at age 81. That’s following your passion—that’s dedication to a craft.

I Hate The Word Artist

Calling myself an artist has always brought about a hefty chin giggling cringe. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve reluctantly adopted the designation. Like many of my creative heroes, I share the same neuroses and idiosyncrasies. As I dive deeper into the world of photography—it is the artistic pursuit that I am now most interested in. This not only involves mastering the art of photography—but studying other forms of art in order to learn & grow.

Art Is A Lifelong Pursuit

As long as you have the drive to pursue a craft—you can be an artist. I recently read of a surrealist painter, who in his later years couldn’t paint due to ill health. So in the last years of his life, he created some of the most famous works of paper mâché. There’s no excuse, grab your wheelchair and your camera.

Art Simply Means Action

Art is an act—it’s that simple. If you pick up your bag of bones and start the process of creating something—then you’re an artist.

Children are artists.
33 year old mailmen can be artists.
Your Mom & Dad are artists.
Your 90 year old grandpa in his wheelchair is an artist.

We’re all artists—once we set about the process of pursuing a craft & creating something that we find meaningful.

You Never Have To Retire

Most of us can’t wait until we can retire and do whatever we want. But that’s the question—what will you do when you retire? How will you fill your time? Why not start now? Why not do whatever you want now? Why not start pursuing a meaningful craft that will add value to your life, enable you to learn, grow, and become a better version of yourself—now? Make it a lifelong journey—choose your craft and start creating.

Oh, and then never stop creating until you’re dead. That’s my plan.

Thanks for reading.

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