WAIDWML Book--14I’ve worked as a professional photographer in Northeast Indiana since 2009—shooting everything from weddings to gasoline hoses.

What I’ve learned during my years behind the lens is that more than anything—I’m interested in telling stories.

I believe authentic storytelling through photos requires one to immerse themselves into the lives of the people they intend to capture. I’ve made it my goal for the past two years to document my family, my friends, and my surroundings on an almost daily basis.

True Documentary Photography is more than an ability to operate a camera—it requires a deep understanding of the human condition. Everyday I make an attempt to pull out these common themes of humanity—through capturing joy, pain, laughter, sorrow, and people eating.

I use my background in psychology [BA, Purdue University Fort Wayne] as a means of connecting with and perceiving the world. I’ve also spent the past several years studying photojournalism and have become obsessed with combining content with form.

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