My name is Tim.

I don’t like writing about myself in the third person and I can’t afford to hire a writer. So here goes nothing.

I’m a photographer located in Kendallville, (Northeast) Indiana. Since 2009, I’ve photographed everything from weddings to gasoline hoses. In 2017 I became fascinated with photojournalism & documentary photography as an art form. I began studying & practicing documentary photography, traveling, and writing about my experiences. I’ve independently published 5 photo books. You can learn about my published work & resume here.

When I’m not snapping candid photos of my son, I’m looking for an interesting place to explore, or a story to tell with my camera. I’m currently on year 4 of a daily photo streak, you can follow my daily posts on instagram @timothymichaelphoto.

Photography is simply my way of interfacing with the world.

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For booking information please email at: timothymichaelphoto@gmail.com

Visit my instagram as I share my growing & evolving body of work @timothymichaelphoto