Fujifilm X70 Swan Song

Originally Published January 29th, 2019




I’ve been holding off for as long as I could, but sadly—I’m selling my beloved Fujifilm X70.

I wanted to do a proper review & take more photos with it but after I listed it yesterday—to my surprise, it immediately sold.

I’m selling off part of my camera kit in order to make room for some new gear that I’ll actually use. My new goal is more video work—which means I need a camera that is going to do great video.



The truth is I don’t use this camera as much as I should, probably because it is a very “niche” camera.

day 22



It’s designed for stealthy street photography. While I think it’s an awesome camera on its own, I just find myself shooting more with my X100 for that style of photography.


img_8515 2


It’s a very unique camera—for being smaller than my cell phone, it has tons of power and creative control.



Because of its size, I had intended on carrying it with me all time time, but there were a few things about the camera that I couldn’t get used to.



The first and most important detail about the X70 is that it doesn’t have a viewfinder. I’m so used to looking through the viewfinder on my other cameras and I just couldn’t adjust to composing without that option.



The second detail is the focal length—28mm just seems too wide for my taste. I like seeing things from the outside—this is an in your face type camera.


Other than those two things, I loved this little guy and I had a lot of fun with it over the years.


Now he’s all packed up and ready to ship out. While I’m sad to see the X70 go, I’m excited for my next camera and the creative possibilities ahead.


Once I have time—I will do a proper review of the camera, covering its features and the pros & cons. I also have a video review that I’ll post to youtube once I have time to put all the details together.

Thanks for reading!



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