I Miss My Fuji X70

Originally Published March 8th, 2019


Hey Gang,

I never thought I’d say this but I miss my Fuji X70.

I’ve had terrible G.A.S all week. Any idle time is spent surfing online camera shops in hopes of finding a replacement.

I sold my little point and shoot a few months ago. I was confident that my two new camera bodies (Fuji X100F & Fuji X-E2) would replace my rarely used X70. Now that I don’t have it, I’m realizing how handy it was for day to day shooting & street photography.

I miss the portability.



It could easily fit in a my jacket or pants pocket. It’s a dorky point and shoot—who uses those anymore? That means it was perfect for street shooting.

My biggest hang up about the camera was that it didn’t have a viewfinder. I love the hybrid viewfinder of the X100F. But after taking it around San Fransisco, I found that I wasn’t really using my viewfinder as much as I thought. I also kept the wide conversion lens on the X100F making it a 28mm equivalent— the same focal length as the X70!!!


I was basically shooting with the X70!!!

That’s fine but I can’t fit the X100F with the conversion lens in my pocket!


There’s no such thing as a perfect camera.

Luckily I’ve found a newer Fuji that is comparable to the X70 but with some updated features and a much lower price. The Fuji XF10 offers the same portability & lens as the X70, but with an updated 24 mp sensor & the ability to digitally zoom 35 & 50mm equivalent. It just might be the answer to my search.

If you have any experience with the Fuji X70, Fuji XF10, or the Ricoh GRii I’d love to hear your thoughts.




  1. Yeesh. I’m still shooting the X100 Mk 1! But I did own the Ricoh GRD which I enjoyed for its simplicity, portability and fabulous 28mm lens!

    I’ve heard the af on the xf10 is slow, but maybe its faster than the original x100, which in turn, was slower than the X70.

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    1. I’m back to shooting an x100t. I got rid of my x10 because of the terrible AF. If they would make an x100 with a 28mm lens, that would be the perfect camera, in my humble opinion. Thanks for reading!


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