Creating An Inspirational Spiderweb

Originally Published July 19th, 2019

Hey Gang!

If you’re a creative, chances are high you’ve gone through short periods of self doubt, {slight} mild criticisms, or the occasional soul sucking black hole (Hello demons, it’s me, yo boy).


If you’re on the verge of selling your camera equipment or dumping your art supplies in the trash—stop for a second and read this:

Here’s a thought I’ve been having lately.


“You never know who is watching.”



But you don’t right?

Think of all the people who inspire you to make art. I’m so lucky to know some of the most talented & creative people in this area—amazing artists who are committed to creating photos, artwork, videos, podcasts etc.


They’re all incredibly inspiring to me and they probably don’t even realize it. They’re just doing their thang and enjoying it.

Meanwhile, I’m watching <creepy>, and I’m inspired to do my own thang.



This seems like common sense but I think we could all use the reminder that art has many unseen rewards. Things that are happening in the background that we aren’t aware of.

I believe that by making art—we are fostering the human spirit—the thing that makes us so special in this little solar system of ours.


Creativity is a Divine act—making art is a manifestation of the divinity in all of us.

When you make a piece of art—you inspire others to do the same. This creates a sort of Spiderweb Of Inspiration.

Spiderweb Of Inspiration: You are inspiring those around you to create art—who then create their own art—which inspires others to create. All of this eventually inspires future generations to create art!

If that’s not motivation to continue making art—maybe consider freelancing?? 


Your art is worth making—you never know who you’re inspiring to create. 

-Yo Boy Tim



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