Life & 365 Project Update

Originally Published June 2nd, 2019

Oh Hey Gang,

It’s yo boy Tim

It’s been a while since my last post so I thought I’d take a minute to catch everyone up on what I’ve been doing with my life. If you’ve not kept up with my blogs and couldn’t care less about my story, skip ahead to the 365 project update. Thanks for your patience. 

Life Update:

I’ve fallen off the wagon in terms of my writing goals in order to keep up with other endeavors.

Volunteer Work

Last month I had a huge video project that I was working on for a local charity. It required a lot of time & creative energy. I was happy to do it and in the process I learned a lot of valuable lessons. I’m like an obese tortoise when it comes to shooting & editing video—so I can always use the practice.

I’ve Become A Student Again

I started an online Photography Master Course and I’ve been simultaneously researching artists from the Surrealist movement. I’ve always been fascinated with the relationship between the unconscious mind & creativity—psychology & art. So I’ve naturally gravitated towards Dada & The Surrealists—Max Ernst, Man Ray, Lee Miller, & Andre Kertesz to name a few. Also I think Yves Tanguy is one of my spirit artists. Check out this photo—he looks like a insane person.

Yves Tanguy — Surrealist Artist & Spider Eater

“I want to work in revelations, not just spin silly tales for money. I want to fish as deep down as possible into my own subconscious in the belief that once that far down, everyone will understand because they are the same that far down.” —Kerouac

I think what the Surrealists were attempting to do with Automatic Art was very similar to the Beats and their “Spontaneous Prose”—stream of consciousness writings.

I’ve been writing down my dreams. I’ve been trying to see things that aren’t there. This will all make sense some day.

Youtube Work

I’ve been slowly developing a youtube channel for my photography. I’m not sure what direction I want to go with it yet, i.e. teaching, showcasing work, fart videos etc. The goal was to get more interaction on my instagram page. So far it’s working, I’ve met a lot of new photographers and I’ve been able to answer their questions about photography and gear.

I’m Working On A Zine

It’s not a book it’s a Zine. What is a Zine? It’s a small, independently published magazine that showcases art of various sorts. My first Zine is going to be called, “What Am I Doing With My Life? Volume 1” and will showcase nonsensical photos that I’ve taken of my friends & family.

I’m Working On Another Zine

I would like to put out at least 3 new publications this year. The first will be the previously mentioned Zine. The second will be another Zine titled “Inverted World”. It could turn into a book—too early to tell. The third publication is going to be titled “People Eating Food”. These are all linked to the body of work produced by my 365 project.

A few other creative goals:

Start Writing Again Regularly
Get Some Of My Work Published
Find An Art Show To Submit Work To
Produce More Videos For My Youtube Channel

At this point, writing regularly & getting some of my photos published are my two main creative goals. I’m not going to set any type of schedule or daily routine—but just write when I feel compelled to.

365 Project Update:

***Spoiler Alert—it’s done.

For one entire year I took a photo everyday & published it. 

I’ve wanted to complete a 365 project for nearly a decade. Several years ago I attempted one and stopped somewhere in the 100s?? This time I went all the way.

Was it hard?


There are a lot of things in life that are hard—making a photo everyday isn’t one of them.

My wife is on an 820 day Snap streak. 

So Why Start A 365 Photo Challenge?

Create A Habit Of Always Having A Camera


Someone recently asked me if I slept with my camera. I said yes. I wasn’t joking. My camera goes everywhere with me. I’m that guy now & I own it.

Build A Body Of Work


It takes time to build a body of work. Creating a daily practice has helped me slowly build a foundation. Every photo isn’t a winner. But in the process of making images everyday—I’ve created a handful of photos that I think are “good”.

Practice Discipline In Creativity


There were days when I literally had to make myself get out of bed and take a photo minutes before midnight. These were often some of my favorite images. Ironic. There’s no excuse not to create something every day. Inspiration exists—it just requires the discipline to get up and go find it.

Document A Year Of My Life


It’s fascinating looking back on a year in photos. Not only to see the things that I’ve done—but to see how far I’ve developed as an artist.

From Photographer To “Artist”


I’ve been a photographer now for nearly 20 years. It sounds funny but I’m just now starting to see myself as an artist. Working on this project—specifically in Black & White—has allowed me to see the camera as a paint brush (Henry Cartier Bresson). I’ve been able to focus more on composition, mood, gestures, & creating something abstract— surreal.

The Process Is Everything


This project has been the most fun I’ve had with photography since I picked up a disposable camera back in 1999. Now that I’m done, it all seems sort of anticlimactic. Which leaves me with the most important lesson that I’ve learned from all of this—it’s all about the process. If you want to create something meaningful you must become obsessed with the process of creating. You have to dedicate yourself to something without knowing what the outcome will be—without caring what the outcome will be.

When you decide to take on a creative challenge—there will be all sorts of unintended, unforeseen results. You have to act—you have to work—the end isn’t important.

The end just means the beginning of something new.

Something New


I plan on continuing with my daily photos. I think if I stopped now I would feel off balance. Besides, I have to try to catch up with Ashley’s 820 day streak……

I’m not sure yet if I will continue with BW only or slowly transition to color. I love both forms of expression and I don’t see BW as being better than color or vice versa.

I want to keep making photos, making photo books, and enjoying the creative process. I also want to keep studying different art forms & maybe even branching out into something completely new. Time will tell—but I’m still sleeping with my camera.

Thanks for reading gang.

Peace Out Homies


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