Kinda Blue- A Photo-book

“This book is my attempt to speak the foreign language of light, color, texture and movement. It all becomes a strange dream in this city at night; alone, quiet, feeling kinda blue.”


I made a photo-book.

It’s called “Kinda Blue – Street Photos of Kendallville, Indiana”.

I made it because I wanted to; not to make money, not to seek likes on social media, not to define myself— but because I wanted to.

“We must do our work for its own sake, not for fortune or attention or applause.” – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

After I made the book, I wasn’t sure if I would share it or not— I decided to share it.

Here it is:

Book Promo-7

The title is an homage to my favorite jazz album: “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis. After all, isn’t street photography kinda like jazz?

Book Promo-34

It contains over 100 pages of color and black & white street photos of Kendallville, Indiana—the town where I live.

Book Promo-33

Some days I walked with my wife and our two dogs—snapping photos. Some nights I walked alone while they were all sleeping.

Book Promo-10

“I believe one of the most important things an artist can do is to create simply for the purpose of creating.”

In our culture it’s easy to get caught up in finding work or deriving our purpose as artists from making money, searching for fame, or some type of “success”. For many years I went through life with this mindset. I would kill enjoyable creative projects because they had no monetary value. This mentality soon began to saturate other areas of my life. It got to a point where I couldn’t enjoy leisure time because, “I could be doing something to make money instead.”

I had to stop.

I had to take a break from the business I built.

I needed perspective.

So I started booking less and less until I was no longer shooting for money. I became interested in other types of photography that wouldn’t necessarily lead to a monetary gain. In other words, I started doing the photography I wanted to do. I started working on personal projects, learning new skills, and reading more about other photographers. In my free time, I began taking my camera with me everywhere and photographing the world around me. This eventually lead to the creation of my book.

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.” – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art


Everyday create something that you find meaningful. Create something that you find interesting. Even if no one cares—especially if no one cares.

Create, and just enjoy the process.

If you’d like more info about my book, visit KINDA BLUE


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