Bring On The Haters

Originally Published January 22nd, 2019

What is a Hater?

A hater is someone who, for whatever reason, feels the need to criticize or tear you down.
Haters are generally motivated by their own self doubt, jealousy, or short comings.
Let’s be honest, we’re all haters at some point. People generally don’t like seeing others succeed & rise above their current state of being. It makes us feel self conscious of our own place in life.
As Artists & Entrepreneurs, apart from our own self doubts, haters are a natural resistance to the creative process.

Everyone Has Haters

Think about the most talented & successful individuals in today’s society.

Elon Musk
Lady Gaga
Jeff Bezos
Angela Merkel
Donald Trump (lol)
Oprah Winfrey

They all have haters—tons of them.
In fact, the more outlandish & crazy your dreams – goals – visions—the more haters you’re going to encounter.

Bring On The Haters

Think of it this way—having haters is a badge of honor. Nobody is paying attention to people standing still, the more haters you have, the more you know that you’re doing something right.
“Hating is the sincerest form of flattery. ” —unknown
Yes, having haters is a sign of success.


How to Deal with Haters as an Artist/Entrepreneur 

“The best way to counter-attack a hater is to make it blatantly obvious that their attack has had no impact on you.”– Timothy Ferris

First & only rule: Don’t listen.

The internet is full of haters hiding in anonymity. These are the worst types of haters. They’re invisible cowards with absolutely no skin in the game.

“Those who talk should do and only those who do should talk.” —Nassim Taleb, Skin in the Game

If you’re putting your reputation, your work, and your soul out online—you have no reason to listen to the nameless online haters. You’ve already accomplished something that they haven’t, can’t, or won’t.

“Remember, people who try to bring you down are already below you.” —unknown

Listening to the haters causes paralysis. The goal of the Artist/Entrepreneur is to Do – Create – Innovate. Therefore, we have no time to listen to these buffoons.

Honest critiques of your work are a different matter. If someone approaches you with a critique of your work—thank them & consider how you could be better. As artists it’s imperative that we seek out the opinions of people that we respect in order to grow.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Know right now, no matter what you’re doing in life—you won’t & can’t please everyone.

Trying to do so is a fool’s errand that will result in no one being happy—including yourself.

Think about the most important people in your life—your parents, your close friends, your partner. Write their names down on a piece of paper and keep it with you at all times.

Whatever dream, goal, vision you have as an artist/entrepreneur—remember that these are the only people who’s opinions matter.

Embrace the hate—embrace the struggle.
Keep it real gang.


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