How To Take Better Photos Of People Eating

Originally Published February 27th, 2019

Hey Gang,

My last blog was so lit that it literally shut down my website.

Actually, I think it may have been my service provider. Nonetheless, I didn’t have internet last night around the time my blog was posted and I’m chalking that up to it being so popular.

In response to the outpouring of likes, comments, and views—I decided to write a short how to on taking photos of people eating food.

Here is my list of tricks, hacks, & methods to make your photos of people eating food better and more good.

Take Photos Of People When They Are Eating


One of the easiest ways to take better photos of people eating is by taking photos of people while they are eating. —Tim

Visit popular eating establishments like restaurants, diners, & buffets.


You’ll find people eating food at these places.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take photos of people while they are eating—by actually taking photos of people while they are eating.

Spend More Time Around People Who Like To Eat Food

Fujifilm x30-7

You know who I’m talking about.

We all have friends who like to eat food.

Spend more time with them.

Low Angles Are Great



Generally speaking—low angles are not flattering. That’s why you should use them when photographing people eating food.

Use Photoshop To Enhance Your Pictures Of People Eating Food

What better reason to invest in computer editing software that costs hundreds of dollars?

You can make your photos of people eating food even more powerful & compelling.


Spend Time With Hungry People


Hungry people are generally easier to photograph because they aren’t paying attention to you—they’re paying attention to their food.

Spend time with people who are generally hungrier than the average person.

Invite your friends over for dinner at 5PM but don’t serve any appetizers, drinks, or snacks until 8:10—that way they are hungrier.

Use Methods To Camouflage Your Camera


Don’t be that guy with a camera trying to take photos of his friends while they are eating food.

Camouflage your camera somehow.


Use an inconspicuous camera case like the one in these photos—no one will know you’re holding a camera.

Hide your camera in your jacket pocket or couch.


Hide your camera behind a tall stack of mashed potatoes or pancakes.

Don’t make it obvious that you’re taking photos of people while they are eating food.

Use A Small Camera

2152188680317980013_IMG_8087 2

When I’m building my body of work of people eating food, I use the smallest camera possible.



Small cameras are hard to see—duh.


It’s unlikely that people will notice you taking photos of them eating food if you’re using a tiny, spy-like camera.

Generally speaking—the smaller the camera the better.

Even better than a small camera is a camera that doesn’t exist. The goal is to be so good, you can take photos of people eating food without a camera.


In The End, It’s All About Practice & Muscle Memory

“I have nothing to offer anybody, except my own confusion.” —Jack Kerouac


All I have to offer you is my own confusion.

Go out and practice taking photos of people eating food.

If you learn something new, share it in a comment below.

We are all working on taking better photos of people eating food.

If you learn a new hip trick or hack—share it!

The world will be a better place with better photos of people eating food.

Keep shootin’



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