The Art Of “People Eating Food” Photography

Originally Published February 27th, 2019

This may look like your run of the mill photo of people eating food. But look closer, there is forethought in the composition—balance.

Hey Gang,

Basically anytime I’m around people I get asked why I take so many photos of people eating.

I usually don’t have an answer.

I don’t know. 

There’s a lot of other reasons to pick up a camera.

I could be traveling and taking photos for a charity, helping bring awareness to some remote village that’s desperately in need of resources.

I could be changing the world through compelling photography—ushering in social & political change through my images.

I could be photographing weddings—capturing moments that will be passed down through generations.

But no, I’m just wasting my life photographing people shoving food into their mouths.

I didn’t choose taking photos of people eating—it chose me.

I’m simply a vehicle for capturing folks in that euphoric state—just as they’re taking a bite of something delicious.

It’s not easy gang. In fact, I would argue that there’s an art to it.

Allow me to explain:

The Art Of “People Eating Food” Photography

Part 1: The Beginning 

It all started when I met my friend Julie. She was (is) always eating and I was (am) always taking photos—so it just sort of happened.

DSCF2743 2
This is a picture of me taking a picture of Julie eating a taco. People Eating Food Inception. 

After a while, it became normal. It was expected of me.

I like to make people laugh. If you’re lucky enough to spend time with me, you’ll learn that I have an excellent sense of humor. I’m very modest, dry, & full of spontaneous wit.

Sort of like Jim from the office—except cooler.

My amazing, modest sense of humor translated into my photography—in the form of taking photos of people eating food.

This is a picture of Julie eating a cupcake.
This is a picture of Julie holding a plate with a picture of Julie eating a cupcake.
This is a picture of Julie eating a corncob.
This is a picture of Julie eating another corncob.


From that early time—I took on the burden that would be taking photos of people while they’re eating food. 

It’s one that I continue to bare to this day……..

Update: I have to give a shout out to my friend Kelley too. Every since I met her, I’ve been drawn to take uncomplimentary photos of her. I don’t know why. She too was a catalyst for my people eating food photography. 

These are some of the photos I’ve taken of her.

This is a close up of Kelley’s face.
This is Kelley eating a cheese roll.
This is Kelley’s HB photo.
This is Kelley when she graduated.

Part 2: Recognizing The Art

Something happened—it clicked. Like the shutter on a camera. Literally the shutter on the camera clicked.

I realized that taking photos of people eating required skill—it was an art form.

You had to be sneaky about it. I’m a street photographer—so I’m always looking for ways to be more sneaky.

This is a picture of Kelley eating.
This is a picture of Kelley eating.
This is a picture of Julie & Nick eating.

I started capturing photos of people eating all the time.

This is a picture of Ashley eating some kind of pie.

It became a game—how many photos of people eating can I make without being noticed?

This is a picture of Jordan eating 15 chicken nuggets.

It was a way to hone my skills.

I was addicted.

Part 3: Mastery

Like any craft, one must work towards mastery.

With taking photos of people eating food—I began to recognize tactics, hacks, and methods to capture the perfect moment.

My pictures of people eating food became more complex—more artistic.

This is a picture of Jordan eating cake on the floor.

It began to grow—the original goal was to capture pictures of people shoving food in their mouths.

This is Kelley eating a piece of duck meat with extreme intensity.
A superbly timed photo of Kelley & Ashley both eating food.
This is a picture of Julie eating some sushi.
This is Kelley eating while simultaneously being possessed by demons.

Now I was timing my photos just right—in order to capture maximum humiliation.

This is a picture of Kelley eating.



If I was going be the guy who takes photos of people eating—then dog gone it, I was going to be the best.


Final Thoughts. 

What does the future hold for a guy who takes embarrassing photos of people eating food?

Faceook Likes?
Lots Of Dollars?
Punches To The Face?

The future is wide open—like most of the people’s mouths in these photos.

I don’t know what’s in store for me down this road.

Maybe I’ll start a successful photography blog—documenting my journey into the world of people eating food photography

Maybe I’ll write an ebook on “How To Take Photos Of People Eating Food.”

Maybe some day I’ll be teaching workshops on “How To Take Photos Of People Eating Food.”

It’s still too early to tell. I have to continue working and getting better at my craft.

Thanks for reading gang!




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