Life Enhancement, Focus, Gratitude

Originally Published February 25th, 2019

Hey Gang,

I want to share some thoughts about why I do photography.

I’m working on a blog that will outline my personal photography philosophy.

So I’ve been taking some time to really meditate on why I take pictures and what subjects I choose to photograph.

Here are a few of my current thoughts on the matter:

Life Enhancement


I believe that photography is a tool for enhancing our lives.

Maybe you play an instrument, sing, or listen to music?
Maybe you love watching a great movie?
Maybe you travel to some amazing awe inspiring landscape?

These are all activities that enhance your life experience. They bring excitement, comfort, challenge, and meaning to your life.

For me personally—photography has been the catalyst for so many random experiences, adventures, meetings, & stories.

Time and time again—photography has opened doors that I probably would have never opened on my own.

Everyday is a chance to wonder & experience the world through a viewfinder. There’s nothing like capturing a funny scene, a chance encounter—a decisive moment.

day 35

My life is made better by having a camera in my hand.


No matter what I’m doing at any given moment, if I have a camera, I can use it to focus on the momentto truly be present.






Whether I’m picking up a pizza, eating a pizza, helping a friend move, traveling, or just sitting at home—taking photos is a way to stop and really pay attention to what’s happening around me.



For me, taking photos is a way of showing gratitude for life.

Think about the things we photograph.

We photograph the people we love, the places we love to visit, the things that add meaning to our lives, the stories we want to tell to the world.

Taking photos and sharing them is a way of showing gratitude for all these things.

Whether you think about it or you do it unconsciously—when you photograph something and share it—you’re really saying, “I’m thankful for experiencing this.”. 

2548468411633280327_IMG_7995 2.jpg

Use photography as a way of expressing gratitude for your life. 

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.





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