Originally Published February 21st, 2019

IMG_8642 2

Hey gang,

I’ve been sick now for a few days. In an effort to keep my daily post streak going I’ve had my laptop open for almost 2 hours—sitting here trying to write.

I’ve taken some nighttime meds which probably isn’t helping the situation.

Let’s talk for a second about opinions.

Everybody has one—wink wink.

I’ve been thinking recently about how creative people need to stick to their guns—in spite of what the people around you might think or say.

Honestly, it’s one of the biggest things that I struggle with.

But it’s not what others think—it’s what I’m thinking others think.

Isn’t that silly?

I don’t talk to enough people to get their opinions. But I do an awesome job of creating what I think they think.

The struggle is real. 

I’m here to say two things.

One: Stop making problems up in your head. Stop making up scenarios of what people think of you because you’re trying to do something different.


Two: *meds kicking in Let opinions flow by. If you see one floating down stream that may add some value—grab it and hold onto it. Otherwise—just let everything pass on by.

That includes the negative & the positive opinions.

Negative things like, “There’s no future in that” or “You’re wasting your time” can be just as harmful as people telling you that everything you produce is amazing.

Opinions matter—just remember that you get to choose which ones do. And stop making up problems that don’t exist.




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