Everyone Is A Photographer

Originally Published February 22nd, 2019

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These Days Everyone Is A Photographer

Almost all of us carry little computers with a digital camera built in—everything you need to shoot, edit, and publish.

The technology is so advanced that it’s getting harder to tell the difference between a traditional DSLR photo and a cell phone pic.

It’s not just phone cameras that are evolving.

The battle over megapixels is basically over. You can get a 20-30 megapixel camera now for a few hundred bucks.

The new horizon of photography is in medium format cameras as the technology progresses and they become more and more affordable.

It’s never been easier to pick up a camera and learn the craft of photography.

“Everyone Can Make Hot Dogs”

So with the new trends in camera technology & everyone taking photos, what does this mean for someone looking to make photography a career?

One of my favorite street photographers, Daniel Arnold, was asked this question in an interview. He responded by saying something along the lines of, “Everyone can make hot dogs, but people still go to restaurants.”

I love that response.

Just because more people have access to cameras, doesn’t mean there won’t be a demand for traditional photographers.

If anything, people who want to pursue photography will need to become more creative—learn to stand out, be more unique, create more meaningful content and products for their clients.

No matter what—there will always be a demand for creativity.

Creativity is the new currency.  

I believe having a career in photography requires fierce creativity along with adopting the heart and mind of an educator.

Photography Isn’t Mine

“We have to make room for other people. It’s a wheel. You get on. You go to the end. And someone else has the same opportunity to go to the end. And so on. And somebody else takes their place.” —Vivian Maier

I used to get jealous whenever I would see other photographers around town. I would scope out their gear and try to size them up.

Now that I’m matured a bit—I try to befriend every photographer that I meet.

Photography isn’t mine.

It doesn’t belong to me.

Even the greats, the photography legends who carved the path for future generations— at some point, bow out.

Everyone has the right to take photos and pursue their dream of being a photographer—whatever that may be.

I encourage anyone who shows interest in photography to take up the craft.

Photography is simply my chosen tool for navigating and perceiving the world around me. I can use it to create my own reality. Along with writing, these gifts have added so much meaning to my life. I want to share that excitement & help others experience it as I have.

Everybody’s a photographer—and that’s fine. 

Pick up a camera and join in on the fun.

Thanks for reading.




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