San Francisco Day 2

Originally Published March 29th, 2019

Hey gang,

Day 2 of our trip to San Francisco was much more eventful. I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail, just share some photos and at the end you can watch the vlog that I put together. This was our first time doing video of our travels. It’s a learning process and I’m hoping to improve with our next adventure.

Golden Gate Park & Japanese Tea Garden

San Fran Day 2-1

San Fran Day 2-2

San Fran Day 2-3

San Fran Day 2-4

San Fran Day 2-5

San Fran Day 2-6

We walked through the entire Golden Gate Park, stopping at the Japanese Tea Garden for a snack and some delicious green tea. The weather was cool & misty. Everything was a dark dark green with the smell of cut grass. The trees were tall and foreign looking. It was a great way to spend the morning.

The Pacific

San Fran Day 2-7

San Fran Day 2-8

San Fran Day 2-9

San Fran Day 2-10

San Fran Day 2-11

San Fran Day 2-13

This was our first experience seeing and touching the Pacific Ocean. Cold, rainy, and amazing. The view just off the highway was spectacular.

China Town & The Beat Museum

San Fran Day 2-20

San Fran Day 2-19

San Fran Day 2-18

San Fran Day 2-17

San Fran Day 2-40

San Fran Day 2-46

San Fran Day 2-41

San Fran Day 2-37

San Fran Day 2-35

San Fran Day 2-26

San Fran Day 2-24

China town was by far my favorite area to visit. The streets were foreign, insane, stinky, busy, & incredibly interesting. I’ll write an entire post about that area of the city later. The Beat Museum was equally fascinating and I’ll share more photos from there as well.

I fell in love with this part of the city—so much so that we visited it again the following day. This whole experience definitely fueled my love for street photography & inspired me to travel more and experience foreign cultures.

Hey thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy this video. Thanks for reading!

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