Friday Fangs 3-29-19

Originally Published March 29th, 2019

Friday Fang-6

Friday Fangs is a weekly blog where I share images that I’ve captured throughout the week, things I’ve learned, books I’m reading, podcasts I’m listening to, music I’m enjoying, etc. Why do you care? Well you probably don’t—but this is a cool way for me to share the information I’m consuming & document this stuff for myself and my friends. Thanks for reading and I hope you take something valuable away from this—a song, a new book, or maybe a cool quote. 

Friday Fang-8

Friday Fang-7

Hey gang,

What have I taken a bite out of this week?

Friday Fang-5


I’m really excited about a new book that I read. The Dip by Seth Godin is a super short 1+ hour audiobook packed with tons of valuable information for someone looking to start a business or even pursue a craft.

What is The Dip?

Have you ever been excited about starting a new project? The novelty of starting something new motivates you in the beginning. Then things start to slow down. They get hard. You hit what’s called The Dip.

In this short audiobook, you learn about the dip, how to perceiver, and when to give up on a project. Some of the most successful people in the world are quitters—because they know when to quit & when to keep going.

Great book—highly recommend to my creative/entrepreneurial friends.

Friday Fang-9


Listen to this podcast with Tony Robins & Gary Vaynerchuck. Super motivating!

Friday Fang-4

Friday Fang-2

Friday Fang-11


Can’t stop listening to this performance by Foster The People on NPR’s Tiny Desk. It’s so different from their album version. So good.

Also some great songs to check out.

Half Alive-Still Feel
The Drive Era-Low
Matt Maeson-Cringe

Friday Fang-12

Friday Fang-1

Friday Fang-3


“Slow & steady wins the race—you’re only competing with yourself.”

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” —Tony Robins

“If anyone on the verge of action should judge himself according to the outcome, he would never begin.” —Kierkagaard

Thanks for reading Gang! Have a great week!

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