LOCKDOWN 2020: A Time For Introspection


Hey Gang,

It’s me, your boy Tim——coming at you LIVE! from an underground bunker that I’ve constructed using billions of hoarded toilet paper rolls and fashioned together with gallons of hand sanitizer. I have ALL the NEWS stations playing simultaneously——so that I can watch every angle as the doofuses in Washington thumb wrestle over who gets to stick their hand in America’s candy jar. Meanwhile——thousands of Americans are out of work and wondering WTF is happening as our world slowly comes to a halt.


I have empathy for those people whose work places have suddenly closed—and they’ve found themselves standing 6 feet apart from each other in unemployment lines.

This is truly an unprecedented moment in history.


To make matters even more bizarre——as of 11:59 PM Tuesday March 24th, 2020, the Indiana governor has ordered us all to stay home (with the exception of a few essential activities/work places).


In order to slow the spread of COVID 19, state governments across the country are issuing “shelter-in-place” orders. Starting tonight, a two week shutdown will halt all unnecessary travel, meetings, and activities. All nonessential work places must effectively close, leaving thousands of people across the state to remain at home under “self-quarantine“.


A Time For Introspection


I’m not here to hand out facts or answer questions about the lockdown—google it. I have one goal in mind for this blog—to challenge the reader with a simple question.

This is not a time to panic. This is an opportunity for profound introspection into our lives.


The truth is, we don’t know when this is all going to end. So instead of worrying about the future—why not use this time to our advantage?

If you’re reading this—I challenge you to take a deep look inside yourself and ask who YOU really are. Who are YOU if our society suddenly falls into chaos? Who are YOU now that our motivations and mode of being have abruptly altered?


I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the reactions to this pandemic on social media. As with everything there is a light & a dark side. But what gives me hope are the people using this time as an opportunity for positive change.

Some business are converting their liquor distilleries in order to produce hand sanitizer.

My creative friends are STILL making art and celebrating the fact that they get to spend more time in front of a canvas/camera/sketchpad etc.

Churches are offering services online. Friends and groups are meeting for video chats in order to lift each others’ spirits.



Maybe you’ve always wanted to try yoga or learn how to play an instrument? Now is your chance. 


Write a blog post, read a book, listen to an entire album front to back, keep a journal, draw mustaches on people, learn how to make crepes, spend some quality time with your dogs, break out your Super Nintendo (or just continue playing it), learn something new about yourself or your friends or your family or the world outside.




Or—maybe just catch up on some needed rest.



Amongst the chaos and fear and uncertainty—we have an amazing opportunity to reorient ourselves. This is the perfect time to hit the reset button and start fresh.



Let’s all come out of this lockdown as better, smarter, funnier, healthier people.

Choose faith over fear.

Don’t waste this chance to become something more than you are today.

—T. Money





  1. Love this! 👏👏👏 I’ve needed to actually commit to working out again for like the last 2 years, now i really don’t have an excuse 😂 but you’re right this is def a good chance for a refresh!

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  2. Love this post and LOVE you! There are some positive things from this experience-you are absolutely right. I think it really has shown me how spoiled we have been. I’ve been thinking about the turmoil and discomfort that people in other countries have felt all their lives. It makes me appreciate all the good times we have had even more. It’s also nice to slow down and experience our home life with a greater focus.


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