5 Boredom Fighting Activities For Lockdown 2020

Hey Gang,

It’s your boy Tim and boy am I a bored boy.

You feel me?


I just got off the Covid-19 tattletale hotline number (1-800-1984). I reported all my neighbors to the thought police (thinkpol) for grilling too loudly, skateboarding too daringly, fiddling too fiddly, and playing tennis (because I have tennis elbow). I also reported a group of geese that were hanging out too close together down at the lake——.

Needless to say—this lockdown has got me feeling kinda bored (note to self, feeling kinda bored, possible book title). So, I thought I would take a short second for a minute to write a little small short list of actives that will help you fight off boredom during the soul sucking pandemic nightmare twilight zone apocalyptic “I am Legend” lockdown of 2020.

No. 1
Pet Your Cactus


Everyone has a pet cactus and they need love too. Make sure you sanitize before and after.

No. 2
Solo Scavenger Hunt


Hide some things around your house and go find them. Make sure to pick hiding spots that you normally wouldn’t  guess things were hiding.

No. 3
Trim Some Toenails


New Shit-3

Everyone has toenails (except snakes, starfish, and fish). Find some quickly and trim dem’suckers.

No. 4
Take Before And During Photos


Take before and during photos of things like your feet, your furniture positions, your glasses, your wife’s bathrobe, your kitchen counters, etc. Things that could potentially change or stay the same irregardless.

No. 5
Take The Tags Off Your New Clothes


We all have clothes laying around the house that still have tags on them. Now is your opportunity to take the tags off of them.

Pick Out An Album

Pick any album out. It doesn’t matter what album. The album you pick will depend on what type of music you want to listen to.

No. 7
Plant A Fake Tree or Plant


Real plants suck because you have to take care of them. That’s a lot of work. If you get a fake plant you can plant it and it looks cool and nobody will notice and you don’t have to bare the responsibility. Count me in. 

No. 8
Have half an apple now and half later


Maybe you’re not hungry enough to eat a whole apple now. Take the apple and cut it in half and eat half of it now and then eat the other have sometime later down the road. You’ll save on apple costs down the road.


This has been the end of my blog. Thanks for reading and I hope these activities keep busy during lockdown 2020.

Stay Safe!

-T Dizzle


  1. “I thought I would take a short second for a minute” lol! This whole thing made me laugh. Def gonna take your advice and try the toe trimming. Thanks!


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