Blue Stuff Is Sky

My good luck charm is a heavy duty picture hanger that I lost and found. I carry it in my pocket now. I would attach it to a key chain but I have three and can’t decide on which to use.

Some people start their cars before they are in them.
Some people use those sun visor things to protect their dashboards.
Some people wear red shoes.
Some people pull muscles to see the flavor of the day.
Some people don’t drive at night.
Some people roll up their pant legs and wear slip on shoes.
Some people have the strength and resolve of painter’s tape.
Some people have heated seats.
Some people aren’t really people at all.
Some people people watch in people parking lots.

If you can’t find your coffee lid, use the lid from your other coffee cup.

Most roof racks are just for the looks, which seems silly from a utilitarian viewpoint.

I’ve written in this place before. There is a tower—and the white things are clouds and the blue stuff is sky. If it is bright outside, you can put sunglasses on.

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