Everything Felted

The adhesive strip on the child protection lock will eventually wear out. You’ll need to reinforce it with a small screw—possibly 5/8ths. Small screws come in handy.

In fact, you will need an assortment of screws in various sizes. You will also need a place to store & organize the screws—like an old tackle box. You will spend a lot of time buying screws, and organizing the screws.

Each shelf that you hang will need at least twelve screws—of various lengths. It helps to have a screw gun handy—with a fully charged battery.

Everything should be properly anchored to a wall. If you have access to a stud finder—locate the stud & anchor accordingly. Use corner braces when necessary—and always check to make sure surfaces are level.

Wood glue goes a long way—apply sparingly.

Use felt medallions on the bottoms of foot stools, dressers, bed frames, ottomans, and dining room tables, dining room benches, computer desk legs, second hand chairs, couches, bedside stands, etc.

This will keep from scratching the floor.

You will always run out—keeping everything felted—purchase more than you think you need.

The adhesive strips on the felt medallions will likewise wear out over time. I have not come up with a solution to this problem as of yet. Using a screw would defeat the purpose.


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