Have you seen me lately?

Originally Published February 10th, 2019

C7E557E0-7E88-431E-BA63-375FC1F570F5.jpegSometimes as creatives we need to disappear. I highly recommend it—in fact I think it’s a necessity. For the past month I’ve tried to spend as much time as I can away from certain things. Of course I have to work and I love spending time with my wife and family—but I’ve tried my best to avoid the news, negativity, social media, among other things.

Most of us can’t just up and disappear—although I’m betting a lot of us would like to. If you’re able to—disappear completely. Go off into the mountains. Lots of smart people have done that—google it. Go away for a while, do a social media cleanse, turn off your phone, kill your tv.

Surrounding yourself with creative people is  great, but creative isolation is just as important. Maybe it’s just my introverted nature finally taking complete control. Spend time away, meditate, do some yoga, walk—go on lots of walks.

You are what you surround yourself with—so make sure it’s something that you want to become. Do the whole thirty diet but with society. Delete everything—then start slowly adding back what you’d like. I’ll come back to the world soon, or maybe I’ll just stay gone for a bit longer.

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