San Francisco Day 1

Originally Published March 28th, 2019

Hey Gang,

We’re gearing up for another getaway and I thought I would put together a few blogs to share stories from our trip to San Francisco.

I’ll separate the blogs & videos by days.

This is day one.


San Francisco Day 1

Our 6 AM flight (first flight of the day) out of Fort Wayne to Dallas was delayed by 40 minutes due to ice on the landing gear.

San Fran Day 1--1

San Fran Day 1--2

We arrived late and missed our connecting flight, sat around until 12:30 (Texas Time) before boarding our plane to California.

San Fran Day 1--3

Once we arrived we took the dirty blue & white bart train straight into town and checked into our hotel. We then immediately caught an Uber to the Golden Gate Bridge. Despite the time, we knew this would be our only chance to watch the sunset, the weather report was calling for rain the next several days. So with what daylight we had left, we toured the bridge & walked to the first gate and back in the dark.

San Fran Day 1--5

San Fran Day 1--7

San Fran Day 1--4

San Fran Day 1--8

By the time we made it off the bridge it was late and we caught another Uber to In & Out Burger! First time—delicious!

San Fran Day 1--10

San Fran Day 1--11

That was our first day in California. Looking back now it all seems like a blur. I’m happy that I took the time to shoot video. This was my first time documenting a trip with photo & video. I’m hoping to improve my skills over time but this was a great trip and I’m having fun editing & looking back at all the footage I got.

Here’s the first day video, I’ll have two more to share once I fit in the time to edit.

Thanks for reading/watching!

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