What We Focus On Determines Our Reality

Originally Published March 18th, 2019



“What We Focus On In Life Will Determine Our Reality.”

Hey Gang,

Have you ever bought a car and suddenly you start seeing that car model everywhere? Maybe you’re really into a specific sports team and you notice their memorabilia wherever you go.

The things that we pay the most attention to in life, end up being what we see the most.

Common sense right?


That’s why we need to be careful about what we choose to pay attention to.

If you focus on the problems you’re having in life—you’ll start seeing more and more problems. 


I took a break from watching the news & talk radio—I never came back.

If we’re constantly exposed to a media outlet that’s broadcasting hate, fear, & division—what are we going to see more of everyday? Hate, Fear, & Division. 

Instead of focusing on the things that limit us, the things that we’re afraid of, the things that are holding us back—consider focusing on the possibilities.


Be mindful of the stories you tell yourself & the things you pay attention to.

I want to see more opportunity & less scarcity. I want to see less obstacles & more possibilities.

I’ve been telling myself lately: “Everything is just ugly right now, there’s nothing to photograph”.

When I should be saying, “There’s a limitless number of interesting things to photograph”.

I just have to be willing to change my focus.


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